Taeyeon Accidentally hits fan with a ball


Taeyeon surprised herself by accidentally pitching a ball straight at a fan in their recent Japanese concert.
The group held their ‘2013 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour’ in Hiroshima and threw autographed rubber balls into the audience during their “Girls & Peace” stage.
While dancing cutely along to the song, Taeyeon began throwing the balls to the audience. Aiming for fans in the back seats, she threw the ball as hard as she could but it went straight down, actually hitting a fan in the front.
Shocked at what she’s done, Taeyeon ran away to the center stage and hid behind the ball basket. The other members asked what happened and as soon as the music was muted, she explained herself before apologizing to the fan.

Watch more Fancams ‘2013 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour’ in Hiroshima
And see the Pictures of 2013 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour’ in Hiroshima: Part 1 & Part 2


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