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‘Running Man’ releases next week’s preview featuring Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and the 2013 Shanghai Dream Cup!

After kicking things off (no pun intended) with the appearance of ‘Captain Park’Park Ji Sung, soccer star Koo Ja Cheol, and f(x)‘s Sulli in this week’s episode, SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ previewed the second part of the cast’s outing to the 2013 Shanghai Dream Cup!

Featuring the appearance of Manchester United player and Park Ji Sung’s best friend, Patrice Evra, next week’s episode seems to pile on the laughs even further. Check out the preview below!

Park Ji Sung, Sulli f(x) dan Koo Ja Cheol terlihat mengikuti syuting ‘Running Man’

Park Ji Sung, Sulli f(x) dan Koo Ja Cheol terlihat mengikuti syuting ‘Running Man’
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sumber : Star News

Pada hari Rabu, 19 Juni 2013, beredar kabar melalui sosial media bahwa Park Ji Sung akan kembali hadir sebagai bintang tamu dalam ‘Running Man’.

Berita ini dibenarkan oleh salah seorang PD ‘Running Man’, Jo Hyo Jin, diwawancarai oleh Star News Korea, beliau mengatakan bahwa Park Ji Sung memang benar akan menjadi bintang tamu dalam ‘Running Man’. Seperti tahun lalu, Park Ji Sung hadir dalam rangka menyambut Asian Dreams Cup yang kali ini akan diselenggarakan diShanghai, China pada tanggal 23 Juni 2013. Masih sama seperti tahun lalu, anggota Running Man akan berpartisipasi dalam acara tersebut. Park Ji Sung pun akhirnya kembali hadir untuk ‘Running Man’. Namun tidak seperti biasa yang mengambil hari Senin atau Selasa, kali ini ‘Running Man’ syuting di hari Rabu.

Bukan hanya Park Ji Sung ternyata yang hadir sebagai bintang tamu, anggota girls band F(x) yaitu Sulli, tampak berada di lokasi syuting bersama para anggota ‘Running Man’ di Incheon. Dan belakangan diketahui pula bahwa atlit sepak bola Tim Nasional Korea, Koo Ja Cheol, turut serta dalam episode ‘Running Man’ special ini.

Selain itu, terungkapnya kabar bahwa Park Ji Sung menjalin hubungan asmara dengan salah satu penyiar stasiun TV Korea, Kim Ji Min, tampaknya akan menjadi bahan yang menarik bagi para anggota ‘Running Man’ untuk menggoda Park Ji Sung. Setelah membela klub elit ‘Manchaster United’, Park Ji Sung saat ini bermain di klub sepak bola ‘Queen Park Rangers’.

Cek foto-foto dari lokasi syuting ‘Running Man’ kemarin, di bawah ini !

f(x)’s Luna & Amber are ‘Amazing f(x)’ with acoustic version of “NU ABO”

Premiere of their upcoming reality show ‘Amazing f(x)‘, f(x) gave their devoted fans a preview of their trip to New Zealand through a special episode! 

Among the cool tidbits they showed, Krystal going skydiving and this “amazing” snippet of Luna and Amber singing an acoustic version of the group’s hit song “NU ABO”.

Amber shows off her guitar skills and the pair harmonize quite well. Those unfamiliar with Amber’s singing skills were quite shocked at how she and Luna matched perfectly in the song.

What do you think of their acoustic cover?

In case you have never heard the original, check it out below:

Thanks to everyone for the tip!

The Jung sisters (Krystal and Jessica) can’t deny that they look alike

The lovable Jung sisters (Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal) are back again, and this time, they have come forward as doppelgangers!

Krystal shared on her Instagram, “Can’t deny we look alike :P,” along with a selca of her and her older sister giving the same puppy face to the camera. They dressed alike as well in cream-colored chiffon dresses. Krystal also showed love for her sister on National Siblings Day, leaving fans smiling at their sisterly bond.

Fans agreed with Krystal and shared, “I can’t decide who’s prettier between them,” and “Their parents must be so proud.”

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f(x)’s Krystal joins Instagram

More and more ladies from SM Entertainment are joining Instagram and Krystal just opened her new account.

The f(x) member opened an account while she was in New Zealand, and the first two photos she posted featured a hot chocolate cup with her lipstick printed on the mouthpiece, and a photo of herself that was taken by Amber.

To reassure fans that the account was real, Amber herself confirmed the account by telling fans to follow Krystal’s account and taking a screenshot of Krystal’s screenname with the words, “Follow the princess on insta!!

Welcome Krystal to Instagram, and you can follow her here!

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The Jung sisters (Jessica & Krystal) show their sisterly love for ‘STONEHENgE’

Jewelry brand ‘STONEHENgE‘ revealed another still cut of the beautiful Jung sisters, Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x) Krystal.

The two sisters are seen modeling 14K silver earrings and rings from the brand’s 2013 S/S collection. They wore matching black-and-white flower headpieces and chiffon ruffled dresses. Jessica may be older than Krystal by a few years, but fans couldn’t help but notice how much they look alike with some netizens even confusing them as twins.

The sisters also had an ‘abs-off‘ in recent solo pictorials.


Biography of Krystal

Background information
Birth name Krystal Jung
Jung Soo-Jung
Also known as Krystal, Krys, Maknae, Baby Jung
Born October 24, 1994 (age 18)
San FranciscoCalifornia
Genres K-popdance
Occupations Singerdancer,
Instruments Lead VocalPiano
Years active 2000 – present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Associated acts f(x)Jessica JungSM Town

Krystal Jung (Korean nameJung Soo-jungHangulHanja; born October 24, 1994), better known mononymouslyas Krystal, is an American-born South Korean idol singeractress and the younger sister of Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung. Discovered by S.M. Entertainment in 2000, she began filming for commercials and music videos by 2002. She is currently a member of the Korean quintet girl group f(x), formed by SM Entertainment in 2009.

Krystal was born in San FranciscoCalifornia, where her family from South Korea settled in the 1980s. During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000, when Krystal was five years old, she and her older sister Jessica were spotted by talent agency S.M. Entertainment, which earned her a cameo appearance in Shinhwa‘s “Wedding March” music video. The agency saw potential in both Krystal and her sister and offered them singing and dancing lessons, opting to professionally train them in a singing career. However, the offer was turned down by her parents, reasoning that Krystal was too young. Therefore, her parents at first only allowed her older sister to join the agency, who debuted as a member of girl group Girls’ Generation in August 2007. She is fluent in both English andKorean.

In 2002, Krystal began appearing in television commercials. She first appeared in a Lotte commercial with Korean actress Han Ga In. In 2006, her parents allowed her to join SM Entertainment, and the agency enrolled her in dance classes, including hip hop and jazz.


She attended Korea Kent Foreign School after moving to Korea. And then Krystal graduated in Hanlim Performing Arts High School on February 7, 2013 and was honored with an achievement award.. She is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University majoring in performing art

Music career

A teaser trailer of f(x) was released via YouTube on August 24, 2009.The group’s debut digital single “LA chA TA” was released on September 1, followed by a 40-second teaser of the corresponding music video revealed on YouTube. The group debuted on September 2 in a showcase specifically designed to introduce the group, in an event held at the Samseong-dong Fashion Center. On September 5, f(x) had their first broadcast performance on MBC‘s music show Music Core. In 2010, she released a solo song named “Melody” accompanied with a music video.

Television career

In 2010, Krystal appeared on Let’s Go Dream Team 2, where she broke a high jump record that had been set on the show 10 years ago. She now holds the Korean women’s high jump record of 1.95m.

In 2010, she was given a minor role in the TV sitcom More Charming by the Day. She was also a host of The M-Wave with fellow artistThunder from MBLAQ.

In 2011, she competed on the SBS skating reality show Kim Yuna‘s Kiss & Cry.During the episode that aired on August 14, 2011, Krystal and her skating partner Lee Dong Hun won the competition, earning them the opportunity to skate at Kim Yuna’s ‘Samsung Galaxy★Hauzen All That Skate Summer 2011‘ ice show.

Krystal also appeared in High Kick!, a Korean television series, portraying the role of Ahn Soojung in the third season of the popular daily series.


Year Album Song Duration Artist
2009 KBS2 Invincible Lee Pyung Kang OST “Hard but Easy” 03:51 Duet with Luna
2010 KBS God of Study OST “Spread Its Wings” 03:56 Duet with Luna & Amber
KBS Cinderella’s Sister OST “Calling Out” 04:22 Duet with Luna
Melody Project part II Moderato “Melody (Moderato)” 04:21 Solo
2011 SBS Sign OST “Because of Me” 03:15 Solo
2012 SBS To the Beautiful You “Butterfly” 03:01 Duet with Jessica
Cobu 3D “Say Yes” Duet with Jessica & Kris


Television drama
Year Title Role Network
2010 More Charming by the Day Jung Soo Jung MBC
2011 High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Ahn Soo Jung MBC
2011 Welcome to the Show Herself (cameo) SBS


Year Title Role Other notes
2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden Herself Documentary of SMTown in New York

[edit]Variety shows

Date Channel Title Episode Role Other Notes
2009.10.03 KBS Chuseok Special KBS Love Sharing Concert Guest with f(x)
2009.10.25 KBS Gag Concert 518 Guest with f(x)
2009.10.26 SBS Find it! Green Gold Cameo with f(x)
2010.01.30 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Guest with f(x)
2010.03.06, 2010.03.13, 2010.03.20, 2010.03.27, 2010.04.10, 2010.05.08, 2010.05.15, 2010.05.22, 2010.06.05, 2010.06.19, 2010.07.03, 2010.07.10, 2010.08.14, 2010.08.21, 2011.05.14, 2011.07.16 SBS Star King 156, 157, 158, 159,161, 163, 164, 165, 167, 168, 170, 171, 176, 177, 215, 224 Guest
2010.03.21, 2010.05.16, 2010.06.06, 2010.11.14 KBS Let’s Go Dream Team! 22, 29, 32, 55 Guest
2010.04.17 – 2010.05.08 Y Star Hello f(x) 1-4 Main Role with f(x)
2010.05.08 KBS Star Golden Bell 284 Guest with f(x)
2010.06.16, 2010.06.23 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star 185 and 186 Guest with f(x)
2010.06.24 MBC Music Travel LaLaLa Guest with f(x)
2010.07.31 MBC Infinity Challenge 209 Guest with f(x)
2010.08.15 SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Guest with VictoriaLunaSulli
2010.10.02, 2010.10.09 MBC We Got Married/Khuntoria 15 and 16 Guest with f(x)
2010.10.02 – 2011.01.08 MBC F(x)’s Koala 1-15 Main Role with f(x)
2010.11.05 KBS Invincible Youth Season 1 52 Guest with Luna, Sulli, JiyoungJieun
2011.01.09, 2011.01.16, 2011.01.23, 2011.01.30, 2011.02.06 MBC Enjoy Today 1093, 1094, 1095, 1096,1097 Guest
2011.02.03 KBS Idol Brain Battle Lunar New Year Special Guest with Victoria, Luna, Sulli
2011.05.22 – 2011.08.21 SBS Kim Yu-na’s Kiss & Cry 1-14(Finale) Winner Starring: Kim Yu-na, Shin Dong-yup, IU, Jin Ji-hee, Kim Byung-man, Lee Ah-hyun, Lee Kyu-hyuk, Park Jun-geum, Seo Ji-suk, Son Dam-bi, and U-Know Yun-ho
2011.06.24 Fashion N Fashion Actress House 9 Guest with f(x)
2011.06.27 MBC Come to Play 344 Guest with f(x), Super JuniorTVXQGirls’ Generation
2011.07.14 Mnet The Beatles Code 48 Guest with f(x)
2011.07.26, 2011.08.03 SBS Strong Heart 88 and 89 Guest
2011.12.11 MBC Section TV Guest with High Kick! 3 cast
2012.05.06, 2012.05.13 SBS Running Man 93 and 94 Guest with GyuriSeungyeonHyunaSuzy
2012.07.02 Mnet The Beatles Code Guest with Victoria, Luna, Amber

[edit]Music video appearances

Year Song title Artist Role
2000 “Wedding March” Shinhwa Little Girl
2006 “Still Believe” Rain Herself
2009 “Juliette” SHINee} Juliette
2010 “Sweet Dreams” Alex Herself
2010 “Melody” Krystal Herself
2013 “Fermata” Byul Herself
2013 “Adagio” Tei Herself

source : wikipedia

Biography of Sulli

Background information
Birth name Choi Jin Ri (최진리)
Born March 29, 1994 (age 19)
YangsanSouth Gyeongsang,South Korea
Origin BusanSouth Korea
Genres K-pop
Occupations Actressdancersingermodel,MC
Years active 2005–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Associated acts f(x)SM Town
Signature of Sulli
Hangul 설리
Revised Romanization Seolli
McCune–Reischauer Sǒlli
Birth name
Hangul 최진리
Revised Romanization Choe jin-ri
McCune–Reischauer Ch’oe jinri

Choi Jinri (Hangul: 최진리; Hanja: 崔真理; born March 29, 1994), better known by her stage name Sulli is a Korean actresssinger,dancer, and MC. She made her debut as a child actress in 2005. She is a member of the five-member girl group f(x), formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2009 and an MC of SBS’s program Inkigayo from 2010-02-07 until 2011-11-13.

Early life

Sulli was born on 29 March 1994 in the City of Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province, Republic of Korea, but spent her childhood in Busan. Her real name is Choi Jin Ri, Jinri meaning the truth in Korean. She is the only daughter of her family, having two older brothers. Her mother enrolled her in acting school at a young age.

Sulli first came to Seoul in 2004 while in 4th grade, and in 2005 and began acting professionally as little Princess Sunhwa in the SBS drama The Ballad of Seodong and some time later, had a cameo role in yet another SBS drama, Love Needs a Miracle. She later developed a desire to become a singer, a dream she followed by attending an SM audition, during which she sang the S.E.S song titled Chingu (Friend). After the audition she was officially cast as an SM trainee and in 2005, while in fifth grade, moved into a dormitory with Taeyeon and Tiffany of Girls’ Generation. Here she continued to do so up until the debut of Girls’ Generation, in 2007.


Sulli attended Jungbu Elementary School (중부초등학교)[3] and then attended Chungdam Middle School (청담중학교).[4][5] She graduated Seoul Performing Arts High School alongside with miss A‘s Suzy and her classmate A pink Yookyung , while focusing on acting. Sulli is currently featured on her school’s website homepage.

Acting career

Sulli began acting professionally at the age of 11, when she was back selected to play young Princess Sun-hwa in the SBS television drama, The Ballad of Seo-dong. A few months later, she made a cameo appearance in Love Needs a Miracle, another SBS television drama. In 2006, she made a small supporting appearance as the childhood crush of TVXQ/JYJ‘s Micky Yoochun in the theatrical dramaVacation. Sulli later landed a minor role in Punch Lady and The Flower Girl is Here (2007) and also BABO (2008).

On April 26, 2012, Sulli along labelmate, SHINee‘s Choi Minho was confirmed to play the leading role for SM Entertainment’s new drama, To the Beautiful You, a Korean version of Hana-Kimi. The drama will be directed by 2009 popular drama Boys Over Flowers‘s director, Jun Ki Sang and began airing on August 15 on SBS.


Year Title Role Other notes
2007 Punch Lady
Gwak Chun Sim
2008 BABO Young Ji-ho
2010 A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures
Shelly Korean dub

[edit]Television drama

Year Title Role Network Other notes
2005 The Ballad of Seo-dong young Princess Sun-hwa SBS
Love Needs A Miracle Na Sun Ju SBS
2006 Vacation Jin Joo SBS Episode 4: “Eternal”
2007 Drama City No Kkot-Boon KBS Episode: “The Flower Girl is Here”
2010 Oh! My Lady Cameo appearance
SBS Episode 1: Choi Siwon‘s runway partner
2011 Welcome to the Show
Herself SBS
2012 To the Beautiful You Goo Jae Hee SBS
Korean version of Hana Kimi

[edit]Television series

Channel Title Role Episode Date Other
KBS Gag Concert Guest 518 2009.10.25 with f(x)
MBC MBLAQIdol Army Guest 13 and 14 2010.03.10 – 2010.03.17
SBS Star King Guest 161, 163, 164, 167, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 176, 177, 182, 215, 216, 218, 224 2010.04.10 – 2011.07.16
YStar Hello f(x) Herself 1 – 4 2010.04.17 – 2010.05.08 with f(x)
MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star Guest 185 and 186 2010.06.16 – 2010.06.23 with f(x)
SBS 1000 Songs Challenge Guest 2010.07.11 – 2010.07.18 with Luna
MBC We Got Married:Khuntoria Guest 15, 16, 43, 44, 45 2010.10.02, 2010.10.09, 2011.04.23, 2011.04.30, 2011.05.07 with f(x), Lee Yong Dae
MBC Infinity Challenge Guest 208 2010.07.24 with f(x)
SBS HahaMong Show Guest 11 2010.09.12 Jung Yong HwaJokwon
MBC f(x) Koala Herself 1 – 15 2010.10.02 – 2011.01.08 with f(x)
SBS Delicious Invitation Guest 2010.10.22
KBS Invincible YouthSeason 1 Guest 52 2010.11.05 with Luna, KrystalKang Ji-youngSong Jieun
KBS Oh My School Guest 23 2011.04.23
KBS On Your Command, Sir Guest 20 2011.05.14 with Luna
SBS Kim Yuna‘s Kiss & Cry Guest for support Krystal, join Krystal’s Circus skating performance, video message support for Krystal. 1, 9, and 14 2011.05.22, 2011.07.17, 2011.08.21 with AmberVictoriaChangminPark Ji-yeonChoi Minho
FashionN Actress’ House Guest 9 2011.06.24 with f(x)
MBC Come To Play Guest 344 2011.06.27 with Super JuniorGirls’ Generation, Krystal
SBS Strong Heart Guest 86, 87 and 142 (cast “to the beautiful you”) 2011.07.12 – 2011.07.19 MC Edition
Mnet The Beatles Code Guest 48 2011.07.14 with f(x)
SBS Running Man Guest (teamed up with Yoo Jae-Seok)[14] 55 2011.08.07 with Luna, Park Ji-yeon, Suzy
MBC Star Audition 2 2011.09.09 with f(x)
SBS Running Man Guest (teamed up with Garie and Haha) 75 2012.01.01 with Choi Si-wonHyolynMinho, and Sohee
SBS Running Man Guest (teamed up with Idol Team) 129 2013.01.20 with Hwang Kwang-hee (ZE:A), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), L (Infinite), Lee Jong-hyun (CN Blue), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Min-ho (Shinee)

[edit]Television non-series

Channel Title Role Date Other
KBS Star Show! Dance Grand Prix Jive dancing 2010.09.23
SBS Star Couple Challenge Cup Dance to Singin’ In the Rain/Umbrella – Glee cast 2011.02.03 partner with 2PM’s Chansung
KBS Idol Brain Collision Participant 2011.02.03 with f(x)Brown Eyed Girlsmiss AT-araSISTARRainbowGirl’s Day and Dal Shabet

source: wikipedia

f(x) to take on Hollywood with “Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick in a new Funny Or Die Exclusive

f(x) recently became the representative K-pop artists at the ‘SXSW‘ in Texas and will now be taking on Hollywood through ‘Funny Or Die‘, a top destination for comedy on the web, with “Pitch Perfect” star, Anna Kendrick!

Funny Or Die is a top comedy brand online with short features from stars such as Charlize Theron, Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman and Bradley Cooper and a noted ‘Hall of Fame’ section in which celebrity videos with the highest view counts live in infamy.

Check out this ‘first of its kind’ collaboration at ‘Funny Or Die’s homepage on the 28th at 1 AM PST!



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