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‘Running Man’ releases next week’s preview featuring Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and the 2013 Shanghai Dream Cup!

After kicking things off (no pun intended) with the appearance of ‘Captain Park’Park Ji Sung, soccer star Koo Ja Cheol, and f(x)‘s Sulli in this week’s episode, SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ previewed the second part of the cast’s outing to the 2013 Shanghai Dream Cup!

Featuring the appearance of Manchester United player and Park Ji Sung’s best friend, Patrice Evra, next week’s episode seems to pile on the laughs even further. Check out the preview below!

10 reasons why you should watch ‘Running Man’

If you’re not yet a ‘Running Man’ enthusiast, certainly you’ve at least heard of, or know of the hype surrounding this wildly successful variety program. Since it first aired back in 2010, SBS‘s ‘Running Man’ has been doing exceptionally well with regards to attracting and upholding the audience interest.


More so than that, the program’s domestic and international fan base hasn’t stopped multiplying; the program transcends any age barriers, seeing as to how elementary school kids find the show just as hilarious as do elders; and perhaps most tellingly, viewers consistently finish watching the episode feeling good. It’s not so much a matter of one episode being bad as it is a matter of other episodes being better.


But what is it about this particular program that makes it so remarkable? Though there areplenty of variety programs out there, – both of the past and present – ‘Running Man’ has become indispensable to the genre of lighthearted, semi-scripted entertainment. Why, though?


Well brace yourselves, dear readers, because I’m going to rock your world. Trust me, I was just as skeptical and predisposed to believe in the show’s imminent failure when a close friend introduced me to the show and told me it was going to “rock my world.”


The show did. And sooner or later, it’ll rock yours, too. Here are ten reasons why:


1) The nation’s favorite grasshopper – Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk is arguably the best MC (who bears a striking resemblance to a grasshopper) that Korea has to offer. Serving as the main host since the pilot airing of ‘Running Man’, Yoo Jae Suk has been running a seamless show filled with spontaneous, witty remarks and good-humored banter. Even more, he inspires the members to feel like they’re part of a family.


His humility and disarming quirks are unparalleled in the industry, and ‘Running Man’ simply couldn’t have chosen a better leader to spearhead the program. With so much prestige riding on his name alone, it makes sense to keep a tight reign on his composure on-screen. But I think it’s Yoo Jae Suk’s complete disregard for that mindset that sets him apart. He makes sure to show that he’s just as prone to making blunders and embarrassing himself as the rest of us, and for that, we find him endearing and approachable.


2) The Monday Couple – Song Ji Hyo and Gary 

Actress Song Ji Hyo and Leessang’s Gary have a special on-air romance, for which they are dubbed the “Monday Couple.” The story behind their on-screen romance is innocent enough: When asked whether or not he liked Song Ji Hyo, Gary slyly averted the question and channeled into a different topic. That could’ve been fairly convincing had he not turned blood red.


The Monday couple has a rawness to them that we rarely see on variety programs. Usually, love lines in programs like these are the brainchild of producers working behind the scenes. And though we often buy into it, it all gets to be jaded and mechanic. But in the case of Gary and Ji Hyo, the love line was tailored to fit them. As such, it feels natural and unforced.


3) Icon of betrayal – Lee Kwang Soo

The honorary youngest member of the bunch, actor Lee Kwang Soo was a complete variety show rookie when he first appeared on ‘Running Man’. But for those of you still doubting his variety skill prowess, you’re wasting your time.



Kwang Soo, who earned the nickname “Giraffe” for his impressive height of 6’3″, has been garnering a steady fan following for his performances on ‘Running Man’ each week. And for good reason.


He’s one of those guys whose face alone makes it difficult to hold in laughter. Additionally, it seems that whenever he’s on the show, the whole world conspires against him.

Accordingly, Kwang Soo will resort to unethical means to win. He prides himself on being one of the lead betrayers of the group – alongside HaHa and Ji Suk Jin – and using brute force will not, under any circumstances faze him (he specializes in biting and tripping guests and original members of the show).




4) This is Sparta – Kim Jong Kook

If the film “300” were to be remade for the Korean audience, there’s only one man who could play Gerard Butler’s character – Kim Jong Kook.


He’s undeniably the brain and brawn of the team. Though he’s capable of inhumane strength, he makes sure to balance out the muscle with clever tactics that help him to eliminate other players faster.

But can you imagine being pursued by Kim Jong Kook during a round of hide-and-seek? Even worse, can you imagine being caught between his two watermelons arms? Just look at HaHa’s face in the image above. It’s like watching the last few moments of a baby gazelle fighting for life, struggling to free itself from the grips of a lion. That poor gazelle… it doesn’t even stand a flying chance.


5) Big Nose Brother – Ji Suk Jin


If Kim Jong Kook embodies human strength, Ji Suk Jin consistently redefines all the ways our physical agility can fail.


The oldest member of the team, Ji Suk Jin plays a more unfortunate role in ‘Running Man’. He is so infamously renown for his physical ineptness that the rest of the members have resorted to calling him the “Race Starter” – implying that the race doesn’t start until after his elimination.


I’ll make this easier to conceptualize – think back to your school gym classes. Remember that one kid who takes gym volleyball or dodgeball or what have you, way too seriously? As though he’s contending for an Olympic medal?

Nevertheless, we have to admit that he plays well; the skills are all there. Let me be clear: Ji Suk Jin is not that kid.


In fact, Ji Suk Jin and I are intimately bound by our disposition to fall walking on flat surfaces, or to trip walking up stairs. I like to think that there are two types of people in the world: in one respect, there are people who can navigate their lives with composure and ease; then there are people who can very much trip on air. Ji Suk Jin relates to the latter. The struggle is intensely real for this 47-year-old.


6) The drama queen – HaHa 

Given his tender height of 5’6″ and his uncanny resemblance to Pororo the Little Penguin, HaHa often finds himself at the butt of his members’ jokes. HaHa has a flair for the dramatics – he thoroughly enjoys lashing out at guests or the original members when things don’t go his way.


Even more, he’s right on par with Lee Kwang Soo when it comes to betrayal. Both men are professionally trained in the art of conniving others to reach their own means. And to get there, no ounce of morality can stop them – they will kick, scratch, and scream without discrimination.

7) The master of disguise – FD Go Dong Wan


FD, which stands for floor director, has a wide range of responsibilities, some of which include ensuring that equipment is functioning properly, giving cues, and informing the director of possible footage off-camera.


As if the FD workload wasn’t enough, Maknae (youngest) FD Dong Wan goes above and beyond. He often introduces the cast to the allotted mission for the week while wearing memorable costumes. Admittedly, the cast, much like regular viewers, seldom take FD Dong Wan seriously. But taking into account his miniature size, infectious smile, and an enviable face that absorbs makeup quite well, he quickly adds an indispensable color to the show.


Oh Dong Wan – you deserve a raise for everything you go through.


8) Games you wish teachers made you play in school 




Perhaps the biggest merit of ‘Running Man’ – at least for me – is the series of games within each episode. For each episode, there’s a respective mission that the members are obligated to complete. But in order to accomplish that mission, the members must first succeed in whatever game is allotted to them.


The time invested into putting together these games and the hours of brainstorming found behind each little technicality of the game hits me every time. The games range from simple multiplication table races to something as complicated as entire obstacle courses laid out for the purpose of the show.


For argument’s sake, I should disclose that the producers do sometimes repeat games, i.e. dodgeball. But if that bothers you so much, I assure you there are bigger things to be concerned about in life.


9) Image…shattered…forevermore

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind whenever an idol appears on a variety program is that your image of him or her will be compromised. But that’s the beauty of it – you get to see a side of your favorite celebrities that you wouldn’t have been able to see had they dedicated their schedules strictly to music show appearances.


And keeping with that mindset, ‘Running Man’ is seldom lukewarm when it comes to exposing guests and the original members as something other than the put-together celebrities we expect them to be.





10) Strangers who became family

To be honest, I’ve never been one to single-mindedly obsess over a particular K-drama, let alone a variety program, the reason being I dislike feeling like I’m wasting my time. Additionally, I’m quite impatient when it comes to dramas and variety programs – we all know how they end, and that being the case, there’s hardly any room for surprises. And frankly, ‘Running Man’ is just as scripted as the rest of the programs airing in Korea. That’s indisputable.


But the show is of a different caliber because each of the members brings something different to the table. From what I can tell, the seven members are just as dysfunctional as any other family – they bicker, tease, embarrass, and pull pranks on each other. Likewise, they complement each other’s strengths in a way we seldom see on broadcasts nowadays. The way they vibe off of each other’s energy and mistakes cannot, under any circumstances, be exclusively induced from scripts.

There’s something so pleasantly natural about the program that keeps even this flighty wanderer engrossed for an hour each week.

For those of you who watch the show, what are some of the things you enjoy the most from the show?

Kim Jong Kook dan Gary akan berpartisipasi dalam Asian Dreams Cup ke-3 di Shanghai

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Setelah tahun lalu sukses digelar di Thailand, tahun ini pertandingan Asian Dreams Cup ke-3 akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 23 Juni 2013 mendatang di HongKou Football Stadium, Shanghai – China.

Selain Bintang Sepak Bola, Park Ji Sung selaku penggerak utama acara ini, PSY, SHINee Minho dan EXO-M juga dikabarkan akan turut serta dalam Asian Dreams Cup 2013 ini.

Namun yang tak kalah menarik adalah dua orang anggota Running Man yang tahun lalu turut serta dalam Asian Dreams Cup ke-2 di Thailand, Kim Jong Kook dan Gary, tahun ini diundang kembali untuk berpartisipasi. Oleh karena itu, pada hari minggu ini (23/06), mereka berdua akan turut serta membela Tim Korea bersama atlit profesional lainnya.

Tampaknya kemampuan dan ketangguhan Kim Jong Kook dan Kang Gary dalam setiap missionnya di Running Man, cukup membuat Park Ji Sung terkesan untuk kembali mengundang mereka dalam pertandingan Asian Dreams Cup tahun ini.

Asian Dreams Cup adalah pertandingan amal sepakbola yang dilaksanakan oleh JS Faoundation yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kecintaan pada sepakbola di wilayah Asia Timur dan membawa harapan dan dukungan untuk baka-bakat muda di olahraga sepakbola. Tahun lalu, sumbangan diberikan kepada anak-anak Thailand yang terkena musibah banjir.

Untuk kalian yang ingin menonton pertandingan antara Korea vs China dalam Asian Dreams Cup ke-3 hari minggu ini, silakan buka situs : pada tanggal 23 Juni 2013 pukul 19.30WIB lalu klik pilihan ‘온에어/On Air’ kemudian akan muncul small window, lalu pada pilihan di sebelah kanan pilih ‘SBS ESPN’. Untuk lebih jelas lihat gambar dibawah ini 🙂


Park Ji Sung, Sulli f(x) dan Koo Ja Cheol terlihat mengikuti syuting ‘Running Man’

Park Ji Sung, Sulli f(x) dan Koo Ja Cheol terlihat mengikuti syuting ‘Running Man’
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Pada hari Rabu, 19 Juni 2013, beredar kabar melalui sosial media bahwa Park Ji Sung akan kembali hadir sebagai bintang tamu dalam ‘Running Man’.

Berita ini dibenarkan oleh salah seorang PD ‘Running Man’, Jo Hyo Jin, diwawancarai oleh Star News Korea, beliau mengatakan bahwa Park Ji Sung memang benar akan menjadi bintang tamu dalam ‘Running Man’. Seperti tahun lalu, Park Ji Sung hadir dalam rangka menyambut Asian Dreams Cup yang kali ini akan diselenggarakan diShanghai, China pada tanggal 23 Juni 2013. Masih sama seperti tahun lalu, anggota Running Man akan berpartisipasi dalam acara tersebut. Park Ji Sung pun akhirnya kembali hadir untuk ‘Running Man’. Namun tidak seperti biasa yang mengambil hari Senin atau Selasa, kali ini ‘Running Man’ syuting di hari Rabu.

Bukan hanya Park Ji Sung ternyata yang hadir sebagai bintang tamu, anggota girls band F(x) yaitu Sulli, tampak berada di lokasi syuting bersama para anggota ‘Running Man’ di Incheon. Dan belakangan diketahui pula bahwa atlit sepak bola Tim Nasional Korea, Koo Ja Cheol, turut serta dalam episode ‘Running Man’ special ini.

Selain itu, terungkapnya kabar bahwa Park Ji Sung menjalin hubungan asmara dengan salah satu penyiar stasiun TV Korea, Kim Ji Min, tampaknya akan menjadi bahan yang menarik bagi para anggota ‘Running Man’ untuk menggoda Park Ji Sung. Setelah membela klub elit ‘Manchaster United’, Park Ji Sung saat ini bermain di klub sepak bola ‘Queen Park Rangers’.

Cek foto-foto dari lokasi syuting ‘Running Man’ kemarin, di bawah ini !

EXO Ingin Menjadi Bintang Tamu Di ‘Running Man’

EXO Ingin Menjadi Bintang Tamu Di ‘Running Man’
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Semenjak mereka tidak bisa sering keluar dari Asrama, , mereka telah menjadi penggemar berat berbagai tv program. Mereka berteriak ‘Running Man.’ memilih acara ini sebagai acara yang terbaik, mereka mengatakan “(Saya) berpikir akan lebih baik menggunakan kekuatan super saat ingin mencabut nametag.” Mereka semuamengagumi acara tersebut.

Saat Chen mengatakan bahwa meskipun ‘Running Man’ adalah yang terbaik, mereka juga menonton acara yanglainnya.

“Jika kalau kami dipanggil ke Acara- acara tersebut, kami akan melakukan yang terbaik.” tuturnya.

Baekhyun yang terpilih sebagai Serigala terbaik di EXO, dia mengatakan “Aku ingin sekali tampil di acara ‘Real Men’ karna aku terlihat seperti pria sejati.”

Para anggota EXO meyakinkan Baekhyun untuk berubah pikiran “Kami harus benar-benar mengirimnya kesana, tapi yang kami dengar para pesertanya akan pergi pada sebuah penggerebekan.” Hanya satu jawaban datangdari mulut sang vokalis EXO ini “Aku sangat ingin pergi ke Acara itu.”

Seolah- olah D.O tak ingin kalah dari Baekhyun, ia memilih Acara ‘Laws of the Jungle’ sedangkan Luhan memilih‘2 Days 1 Night’. Sementara saat semua orang sedang sibuk memilih Acara program TV mana yang mereka sukai. Sehun berteriak “Aku ingin pergi ke ‘We Got Merried’.” Para anggota terkejut dan berkata “Itu adalah pendapat pribadi jadi harap hanya menuliskannya, bahwa hanya dia (Sehun) yang mengatakan itu.” Untuk menghindari kebingungan, Chen dengan berbaik hati meringkas seluruh program- promgram Acara TV yang ingin mereka datangi.


Park Ji Sung to Take ′Running Man′ Members to China

mid news about his upcoming marriage and current relationship with SBS announcer Kim Min Ji, Park Ji Sung had fun with the Running Man members on the same day.

On June 19, Park Ji Sung attended a shoot for an opening scene of SBS′ Running Man in Incheon. This weekend, he plans to leave to China with the Running Man members and hold a charity soccer game.

A rep for Running Man said, “Park Ji Sung will again be appearing as a guest on Running Man just before his charity soccer game. The shoot will take place near Songdo, and the show will center on choosing who will get to play in Park Ji Sung′s soccer game through another soccer game.”

The rep added, “[Park Ji Sung′s] appearance in Running Man has also been gathering much interest after news about his relationship with SBS announcer Kim Min Ji was released. I believe Songdo will be shaking. Once we leave for China with Park Ji Sung, we expect to be able to hear many stories from him. Yoo Jae Suk will feel a connection between him and Park Ji Sung because he′s married to an announcer too.”

Park Ji Sung will be taking the Running Man members to the 3rd Asian Dream Cup to be held in Shanghai on June 23. He planned to first break the news about his relationship with Kim Min Ji at the game this day, but after paparazzi photos were released on June 19 he had to pull the official announcement forward to June 20.

The soccer player will speak about his marriage at a press conference to be held on June 20 for a charity event by JS Foundation.

“Running Man” Places Last in Ratings, Producer Doesn’t Care

“Running Man” Places Last in Ratings, Producer Doesn’t Care

The popular Sunday variety show SBS’ “Running Man” placed last in ratings for its June 16 episode, with 11.4% (Nielsen Korea). It was 0.1% behind its competition KBS’ ”1 Night, 2 Days,” which hit 11.5%. MBC’s Sunday variety show “Real Man” placed first among the timeslot for the three representative Sunday variety shows with 14.8%. The June 16 episode of “Running Man” was a “super hero” special in which the members dressed up as popular super hero characters and played the games with super hero “powers.”

In a phone interview with Newsen, producer Jo Hyo Jin said, “I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the ratings. Sometimes it’s like this and sometimes it’s like that. I think we just need to keep doing what we’ve been doing.”

Previously, many people have voiced the opinion that “Barefoot Friends,” starringKang Ho Dong and many others and airs right before “Running Man” on SBS, is bringing “Running Man” down along with its own flagging ratings. Regarding this Jo Hyo Jin said, “I don’t think that matters.  It’s something we have to do well ourselves,” showing his focus and responsibility for his own show.

The upcoming episode of “Running Man” will feature guests Jung Woo SungHan Hyo Joo, and 2PM’Junho. The ratings game is a tight one so fans will have to see who rises to the top next Sunday.

[Spoiler] Kim Jong Kook shows off his shapely legs on ‘Running Man’

Singer and ‘Running Man’ star Kim Jong Kook proudly displayed his chiseled legs on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’.

The newest broadcast saw the ‘Running Man’ members – along with guests Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Sang Kyung – chasing after the ‘betrayers club’ of HaHaJi Suk Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo, who had run away with the grand prize that was supposed to be given with the winner.

One of the missions along the way to apprehending the culprits was gathering as many inner tubes as possible and stacking them on their team’s side of the playing field. Kim Jong Kook took the time to layer them on himself, which, combined with the shorts he had been wearing, gave the (not unpleasant) effect that he wasn’t wearing any pants at all!

Drawing the viewers’ attention to his fit and tanned legs, the ‘Commander’ definitely gained a few more female fans this episode, we’re sure.

‘Running Man’ reveals preview with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo

Popular SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ have invited two of Korea’s most handsome men, actorsKim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo, to run with them next week!

Despite their good looks, however, it seems like they won’t be able to escape from the brutal and challenging missions that define ‘Running Man’. Based around an athletics championship race, the preview shows the return of the dreaded ‘foot massage floor’ as well as an enormous game with hundreds of civilians.

Cast of ‘Laws of the Jungle’ to make a dramatic appearance on ‘Running Man’

The cast of SBS‘s ‘Laws of the Jungle‘ will be battling it out versus the ‘Running Man‘ members in next week’s episode!

The preview shows the wilderness-hardened ‘Jungle’ members going against the ‘Running Man’ cast members, with each team staking their pride and their variety show to determine who will take home the prize. ‘Laws of the Jungle’ cast members making an appearance will include Kim Byung Man2AM‘sJinwoonPark Jung Chul, and several other former ‘Jungle’ crew members.

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New Game Featuring “Running Man’s” Lee Kwang Soo Is Becoming Popular

New Game Featuring “Running Man’s” Lee Kwang Soo Is Becoming Popular

Lee Kwang Soo, who is an actor and a popular member of SBS’s variety show “Running Man,” is now also a new character for the Kakao game “Bow for Kakao.”

This game character is based on Lee Kwang Soo’s “Boss” and “Giraffe” characters created in “Running Man.” In the game, Lee Kwang Soo rides a “giraffe horse” and fights using a bow and arrow. There are also special items available, including accessories for the giraffe, armor, and shoes.

The players are also able to hear comments in Lee Kwang Soo’s actual voice, as he participated in the sound recording.

“Bow for Kakao” topped the app store chart within the first day of its release, and achieved first place in the Google Play Store within the first two weeks.

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‘Running Man’ enters the animal kingdom in next week’s preview

There’s been a lot of jokes made about the portrayal of the ‘Running Man‘ cast members and their animal equivalents, but next week’s episode of the SBS variety program seems to take the running joke to a whole new level.

As the ‘circle of life’ twists and turns within itself, the ‘animal kingdom’ is thrown into disarray. Together with Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and Eun Ji Won, the cast and guests find themselves within reach of becoming the new ‘king of the jungle’. Who will emerge the victor? Find out in next week’s episode


List of Running Man’s Guests

Many guests have taken part in Running Man. The following is a compilation of guests and the number of time they have been on the show. With regards to guest-turned-members (Song Ji-hyo and Lizzy), only the times they were a guest are counted.

Guest Episode(s) # of Episodes
# of
Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue) 7, 11, 17, 35-36, 72-73, 104, 127, 129 10 8
Nichkhun (2PM) 4-5, 19, 40, 50-51, 104 7 5
Lee Joon (MBLAQ) 8, 95, 104, 108, 129 5 5
Kim Je-dong 11, 21, 79, 106 4 4
Goo Ha-ra (Kara) 2-3, 49, 122 4 3
Jessica (Girls’ Generation) 4-5, 63-64, 142 5 3
Park Jun-gyu 8, 34, 90 3 3
Shin Bong-sun 9, 43, 56 3 3
Kim Soo-ro 9, 67-68, 138 4 3
Choi Si-won (Super Junior) 22, 75, 135 3 3
IU 43, 77, 96-97 4 3
Noh Sa-yeon 49, 103, 137 3 3
Choi Min-soo 52-53, 69, 118 4 3
Sulli (f(x)) 55, 75, 129 3 3
Suzy (Miss A) 55, 93-94, 117 4 3
Gaeko (Dynamic Duo) 59, 86, 107 3 3
Lee Jong-hyun (CN Blue) 127, 129, 138 3 3
Song Ji-hyo 2-3, 4-5 4 2
Lee Chun-hee 2-3, 76-77 4 2
Eun-jung (T-ara) 7, 104 2 2
Cha Tae-hyun 10, 57-58 3 2
Lizzy (After School) 13, 14 2 2
Kim Kwang-kyu 15, 32 2 2
Tony Ahn (H.O.T) 15, 32 2 2
Yuri (Girls’ Generation) 16, 63-64 3 2
Max Chang-min (TVXQ) 27, 115 2 2
U-Know Yun-ho (TVXQ) 27, 115 2 2
Seung-ri (Big Bang) 30, 84-85 3 2
Oh Ji-ho 33, 83 2 2
Uee (After School) 34, 137 2 2
Dae-sung (Big Bang) 35-36, 84-85 4 2
Park Ye-jin 37, 67-68 3 2
Yoona (Girls’ Generation) 39, 63-64 3 2
Ji Sung 54, 116-117 3 2
Shin Se-kyung 57-58, 103 3 2
Simon Dominic (Supreme Team) 59, 127 2 2
Kim Ju-hyuk 61-62, 65 3 2
Lee Yeon-hee 61-62, 139 3 2
Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) 63-64, 112 3 2
Hyorin (Sistar) 75, 95 2 2
Minho (SHINee) 75, 129 2 2
Ji Jin-hee 76-77, 116-117 4 2
Yoon Do-hyun 79, 101 2 2
Go Ah-ra 80, 139 2 2
Park Sang-myun 90, 125 2 2
Hyun-ah (4Minute) 93-94, 132 3 2
Hwang Jung-eum 1 1 1
Lee Hyo-ri 1 1 1
Kim Shin-young 6 1 1
Se7en 6 1 1
Son Dam-bi 6 1 1
Jo Kwon (2AM) 7 1 1
Victoria (f(x)) 8 1 1
Lee Hong-ki (FT Island) 9 1 1
Yoon Se-ah 10 1 1
Jang Dong-min 13 1 1
Ko Joo-won 17 1 1
Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior) 20 1 1
Kim Min-jong 22 1 1
Shim Hyung-rae 23 1 1
Lee Kyung-shil 24 1 1
Song Eun-ee 24 1 1
Park Bo-young 25, 118 2 2
Jung Jin-young 26 1 1
Lee Moon-sik 26 1 1
Kim Byung-man 28 1 1
Hyun Young 31 1 1
Sunny (Girls’ Generation) 39 1 1
Taecyeon (2PM) 40 1 1
Lee Sun-gyun 41 1 1
Park Joong-hoon 41 1 1
Jang Hyuk 44-45 2 1
Kim Hyun-joong (SS501) 46-47 2 1
Kim Min-jung 50-51 2 1
Yoon So-yi 53 1 1
Choi Kang-hee 54 1 1
Luna (f(x)) 55 1 1
Ji-yeon (T-ara) 55 1 1
Ahn Mun-sook 56 1 1
Kim Sook 56 1 1
Yang Jung-ah 56 1 1
Choiza (Dynamic Duo) 59 1 1
Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger) 59 1 1
Yoon Mi-rae 59 1 1
Kang Ji-young (Kara) 61-62 2 1
Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) 63-64 2 1
Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) 63-64 2 1
Kim Sun-ah 65-66 2 1
Song Joong-ki 66 1 1
Lee Min-ki 70 1 1
Park Chul-min 70 1 1
Son Ye-jin 70 1 1
Jo Hye-ryun 71 1 1
Oh Yeon-su 71 1 1
Lee Min-jung 72-73 2 1
Sohee (Wonder Girls) 75 1 1
Joo Sang-wook 76-77 2 1
Kim Sung-soo 76-77 2 1
Hong Soo-hyun 78 1 1
Lee Beom-soo 78 1 1
Hyo-min (T-ara) 80 1 1
Im Soo-hyang 80 1 1
Lee Da-hae 82-83 2 1
G-Dragon (Big Bang) 84-85 2 1
T.O.P (Big Bang) 84-85 2 1
Tae-yang (Big Bang) 84-85 2 1
Ha Ji-won 86 1 1
Han Ga-in 87 1 1
BoA 88-89 2 1
Jung Jae-hyung 88-89 2 1
Lee Deok-hwa 90 1 1
Chun Jung-myung 92 1 1
Park Jin-young 92 1 1
Han Seung-yeon (Kara) 93-94 2 1
Krystal (f(x)) 93-94 2 1
Park Gyu-ri (Kara) 93-94 2 1
G.O (MBLAQ) 95 1 1
Seung-ho (MBLAQ) 95 1 1
Thunder (MBLAQ) 95 1 1
Bora (Sistar) 95 1 1
Dasom (Sistar) 95 1 1
Soyu (Sistar) 95 1 1
Park Ji-sung 95-97 3 1
Jong Tae-se 97 1 1
Im Ho 99 1 1
Lee Tae-gon 99 1 1
Kim Hee-sun 100 1 1
Kim Bum-soo 101 1 1
Yoon Jong-shin 101 1 1
Kim Soo-hyun 102 1 1
Yoo Jun-sang 103 1 1
Eun-hyuk (Super Junior) 104 1 1
Si-wan (ZE:A) 104 1 1
Yoon Doo-joon (Beast) 104 1 1
Han Ji-min 105-106 2 1
Jang Shin-young 107 1 1
Kim Sang-joong 107 1 1
Gong Hyo-jin 108 1 1
Park Tae-hwan 109-110 2 1
Son Yeon-jae 109-110 2 1
Go Chang-suk 111-112 2 1
Im Ha-ryong 111 1 1
Lee Jong-won 111-112 2 1
Shin Jung-gun 111-112 2 1
Son Byung-ho 111-112 2 1
Jeon Mi-seon 113 1 1
Yeom Jeong-ah 113 1 1
Yu Hae-jin 113 1 1
Moon Geun-young 114-115 2 1
Song Chang-eui 116-117 2 1
Yubin (Wonder Girls) 117 1 1
Choo Shin-soo 119 1 1
Jin Se-yeon 119 1 1
Ryu Hyun-jin 119 1 1
Lee Seung-gi 120-121 2 1
Park Shin-hye 120-121 2 1
Jung Won-gwan (Sobangcha) 122 1 1
Kim Tae-hyung (Sobangcha) 122 1 1
Lee Sang-won (Sobangcha) 122 1 1
Kang Susie 122 1 1
Kim Wan-sun 122 1 1
Park Nam-jung 122 1 1
Go Soo 123-124 2 1
Han Hyo-joo 123-124 2 1
Jung Hyung-don 125 1 1
Juvie Train (Buga Kingz) 125 1 1
Ryu Dam 125 1 1
Shin-dong (Super Junior) 125 1 1
Choi Ji-woo 126-127 2 1
Lee Gi-kwang (Beast) 127 1 1
Park Shin-yang 128 1 1
Uhm Ji-won 128 1 1
Kwang-hee (ZE:A) 129 1 1
L (Infinite) 129 1 1
Choo Sung-hoon 131 1 1
Lee Si-young 131 1 1
Hwang Jung-min 132 1 1
Park Sung-woong 132 1 1
Han Hye-jin 133-134, 136 3 1
Lee Dong-wook 133-134, 136 3 1
Jackie Chan 135 1 1
Kim Woo-bin 138 1 1
Lee Jong-suk 138 1 1
Min Hyo-rin 138 1 1
Lee Bo-young 140 1 1
Lee Sang-yoon 140 1 1
Eun Ji-won 141 1 1

source : wikipedia


Jessica and Eun Ji Won Spotted filming Running man in Everland

Jessica and Eun Ji Won Spotted Filming Running Man in Everland

Participants of SBS’ Running Man never remain as secret for long, and this time, Girl’s Generation Jessica and Eun Ji Won were spotted running with the pack.
On April 2, snapshots of Eun Ji Won and Jessica were revealed through online communities, showing the senior and junior singers wearing the Running Man trademark of name tags on their backs.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment, Online Communities

Gary refuses to let go of actress Lee Yeon Hee’s hands on ‘Running Man’

Leessang‘s Gary couldn’t hide his feelings for beautiful actress Lee Yeon Hee.

On the latest episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘, Gary made the members laugh by being unable to hide his excitement when Lee Yeon Hee was chosen as his partner. He said, “I’m nervous.

While they were moving to different locations, Gary continued to hold Lee Yeon Hee’s hands, and the other guest stars teased him for it.

During a game where he had to give a piggy back ride to Lee Yeon Hee, he expressed his feelings by commenting, “So light! It doesn’t even feel like I’m carrying someone.”

Are ‘Monday Couple’ fans disappointed?


List of Running Man ( 런닝맨) episode


Sibuk ‘Running Man’, Yoo Jae Suk Belum Berniat Cari Program Baru

Yoo Jae Suk di Come to Play (ist.)
Jakarta – Salah satu program yang dipandu oleh Nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk ‘Come to Play’ diputuskan berhenti tayang. Meski kehilangan satu job, Jae Suk belum berniat mencari program pengganti.

Saat ini waktu Jae Suk paling banyak tersita oleh ‘Running Man’. Syutingnya kadang Senin dan Selasa sekaligus.

Selain itu, Jae Suk juga masih memandu ‘Come To Play’ yang syuting tiap Sabtu. Serta ‘Infinity Challenge’ tiap Kamis.

Dengan jadwal semacam itu, Jae Suk punya selang sehari per syuting untuk istirahat. Ia juga bisa memanfaatkan waktu itu untuk bersama keluarga. Demikian dilansir AllKPop, Rabu (27/2/2013).

Sehingga kini, semua tawaran yang datang untuk sementara ditolak. Ia tak menutup kemungkinan untuk tampil di program baru, tapi mungkin tidak saat ini. Apa ya kira-kira?

source : detikHOT

Song Ji Hyo Tak Jaim Saat Bintangi Film


Song Ji Hyo (ist.)
Jakarta – Jaga image alias jaim rupanya memang tak ada dalam hidup Song Ji Hyo. Di ‘Running Man’ ia sering tampil tanpa make up, tak sesuai dengan bayangan orang tentang sesosok artis. Ji Hyo sendiri ternyata mengakui hal tersebut.

Ji Hyo menyatakan, ia biasanya tak pernah peduli bagaimana image-nya akan berubah setelah tampil di sebuah film. Di beberapa film, Ji Hyo bahkan berani tampil melakukan adegan panas bersama lawan mainnya.

“Jika skenarionya bagus, aku akan langsung mengambilnya tanpa berpikir panjang. Aku tak pernah memikirkan bagaimana image-ku akan berubah lewat sebuah proyek,” ujar Ji Hyo pada majalah Nylon dilansir AllKPop. Jumat (22/2/2013).

Ji Hyo melakukan hal tersebut karena tak mau banyak berpikir. Ia takut kepercayaan dirinya akan turun jika berpikir terlalu banyak.

“Jika aku melakukannya, aku akan mulai menghitung apa yang seharusnya aku lakukan. Aku harus memberikan semuanya untuk karakter itu. Jadi kalau aku memikirkan yang lain, kepercayaan diriku akan berkurang ketika memerankannya,” pungkas Ji Hyo.

source: detikHOT

Romantisnya pesan Gary untuk Ji Hyo


Ji Hyo dan Gary (ENews)
Jakarta – Kang Gary selalu bisa romantis dengan Song Ji Hyo di ‘Running Man’ dengan caranya sendiri. Di luar ‘Running Man’, bagaimana Gary pada Song Ji Hyo?

Gary selalu terlihat seperti benar-benar menyukai Ji Hyo. Saat muncul di program ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’, Gary pun diminta mengirimkan pesan untuk Ji Hyo.

Seperti biasa, Gary membuatnya seolah seperti puisi. Ia pun menyanyikannya dengan gaya orang nge-rap tentang cinta.

“Aku memilih untuk tak jadi dekat denganmu. Karena ini seperti cinta, semakin aku mencoba untuk lebih dekat, semakin kau menjauh. Jadi maukah kau tetap di tempatmu sekarang?” ujar Gary dilansir Soompi, Kamis (21/3/2013).

Kini Monday Couple semakin sering terlihat di ‘Running Man’. Terakhir keduanya makan pepero bersama. Romantis ya!


Song Ji Hyo Mau Jadi Pacar Gary Jika Dibelikan Berlian Rp 2,5 M


Ji Hyo dan Gary (ENews)
Jakarta – Setelah sempat menjauh, kini Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo dan Gary sudah mulai sering terlihat kembali bersama. Ji Hyo bahkan menyatakan akan mulai berpikir berkencan dengan Gary di luar ‘Running Man’. Tapi ada syaratnya.

Ji Suk Jin lah yang menyinggung pertama kali. “Ji Hyo, apakah kau berpikir untuk berpacaran dengan Gary,” tanya Suk Jin dilansir AllKPop, Selasa (5/3/2013).

“Aku akan memikirkannya nanti,” jawab Ji Hyo. Namun Gary rupanya tak sabar dan penasaran pada jawaban Ji Hyo. Ia pun memaksa Ji Hyo untuk menjawab sekarang juga.

“Jangan pikirkan nanti. Bilang aku sekarang dengan O atau X (ya atau tidak). Karena sekarang sedang dibahas, kau harus memberitahuku,” paksa Gary.

Ji Hyo akhirnya menjawab. Ia akan memikirkan untuk jadi kekasih Gary segera jika dibelikan sesuatu. Apa?

“Jika kau memberiku cincin berlian 3 karat yang kita lihat di Macau, aku akan langsung memikirkannya,” jawab Ji Hyo.

Entah bercanda atau tidak. Yang jelas Ji Hyo dan Gary tak sengaja masuk toko perhiasan saat ‘Running Man’ syuting di Macau. Ji Hyo ingin sebuah cincin berlian dan memintanya pada Gary. Namun saat ditanya, cincin itu seharga KRW 283.650.000 atau sekitar Rp 2,5 miliar. Wah!

source : detikHOT

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