Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Brad Pitt take a photo during their interview for ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany recently interviewed Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for the June 12th episode of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, and a snapshot of the two has now been revealed!

Tiffany went to the promotional event for the film ‘World War Z‘, where she interviewed the internationally known star during his visit to Korea. The US native is known for being one of the Girls’ Generation members most fluent in English.

As Brad Pitt wanted to get to know Korea, they held the interview at the main hall of Gyeokbok Palace. He’s currently touring the world to promote ‘World War Z’, which opens in theaters on June 21.


Girls’ Generation kick off their world tour in Seoul

Girls’ Generation kicked off their world tour in dramatic style over the weekend at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

The ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace‘ is their first world tour, and leader Taeyeon was quite proud to hold a world tour as she stated, “Every time we had a concert, we always said we wanted a world tour. We’re honored to finally perform under the title of a world tour.

The girls performed all of their numerous hits, including, “Gee“, “Genie“, “I Got A Boy“, as well as their Japanese hits such as “Paparazzi“, “Flower Power“, and even “Love & Girls“, as Taeyeon had promised.

 The girls showed off a variety of forms and concepts, from cute to sexy and innocent to mature all at once. They were cute little sisters with a pure white one piece for one performance and then they would immediately transform to the sexynoona next door in red dresses showcasing their beautiful legs.

Many fans packed the Olympic Gymnasium for two nights to support the girls throughout the concert. The fans became the loudest when the girls shouted, “Right now is Girls’ Generation. It’ll be Girls’ Generation in the future, and forever!

EXO finally drop their first album ‘XOXO’

As you know EXO finally released the music video for their long-awaited comeback “Wolf” recently, but only released the full album today. Actually they released two albums, a Korean version “Kiss” and Chinese version ‘Hug‘.

Since EXO-K and EXO-M are uniting as the full 12 member group EXO this time around, this album has drawn interest from both Korean and Chinese fans as well as music lovers from all around the globe. With over 300,000 copies pre-ordered, we are expecting this to be another record breaking album for EXO.

Listen to the tracks below and tell us which tracks if any will you have on heavy rotation?

02. Baby, Don’t Cry

03. Black Pearl

04. Don’t Go)

05. Let Out The Beast

06. 3.6.5

07. Heart Attack

08. Peter Pan

09. Baby

10. My Lady

11.Wolf (EXO-K Ver.)

12. Wolf (Chinese Ver.)

The ‘Kiss’ version is in the playlist below:

EXO K – Wolf (Lyrics)

[Chanyeol] chokiwa danbeone neukkyeo neol hanibe chijeuchoreom jibeoheulteda

hyagi matgo, saekkal eumihago wainboda wahage jabameogeulteda

[Kai] ah keureonde baltobe himi bbajyeo ibmatkkaji ey~ eobseojyeo

hokshi naega apeungolka byeongirado geollingeoni

[Chanyeol/Suho] yeah keunil naddae

[Sehun] jeongshincharyeo eojjida ingan naega mameul bbatgyeo beoryeonna

[Suho] geugon hanib geori bbunirako

[Chanyeol/Kai] Hey hak mureo keu daeum mak mak handeula jeoshinilhgae

Hey [Chanyeol] ja anhebon seutaillo jeo keun boreumdari jigijyeone hechiwora

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Sehun] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Kai] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

[Baekhyun] geobu hal su eobshi gangryeolhan i neukkime bbajyeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo

[All] nan dansunhange joah nae soke suneoissdeon geoshi jigeum nunddeosseo



[Baekhyun/D.O] keunyeol jom bwa gongpoe bbajyeo nun ape situation i hae mothae mothae

jeo deoreoun neukdae nomi gyeolguk nal jaba meogeutji

[Suho] keuge aninde sarange bbajingeobnida

[Kai] nan imi poroyeo nyeoran yeoshinim

nae simjangeul holddak bbaetyeogin nim

nyeoneun geonganghan jemul ilbbonin

[Sehun] imi nan baboya nyeoran yeoshinnim

nae ibbareul mongddang bboba juin

naneun chungshilhan no yeoilbbunim

[Chanyeol/Kai] Hey hak mureo keu daeum mak mak handeula jeoshinilhgae

Hey [Chanyeol] ja anhebon seutaillo jeo keun boreumdari jigijyeone hechiwora

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Sehun] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Kai] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

[Suho] neol motggeun gesseo keunil nasseo [Baekhyun] Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~

[Suho] neol motggeun gesseo keunil nasseo [Baekhyun] Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~ Ooh~

[D.O] jeo norandari nareul nollyeo neoreul kajilsu eobdago [Baekhyun] neoneun keunyang

geochin yasuinde [D.O] keuddaen malhalgamyeon kkeojyeo piryohadamyeon nal bakkwo

[Baekhyun] keunyeol jeoldae bonael su ga eobseo

[D.O] geobu hal su eobshi gangryeolhan

i neukkime bbajyeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo

[All] nan dansunhange joha

nae soke suneoissdeon geoshi jigeum nunddeosseo

[Suho] geobu hal su eobshi gangryeolhan

i neukkime bbajyeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo

[All] nan dansunhange joha

nae soke suneoissdeon geoshi jigeum nunddeosseo

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Sehun] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

[All] geurae wolf naega wolf Ahu~

[Suho] ah saranghaeyo

[Kai] nan neukdeko nyeon minyeo

BoA is stuck “Between Heaven & Hell” for KBS’ ‘Shark’ OST


BoA is gearing up to release new music in Japan, however she hasn’t forgotten her Korean fans releasing a delicate OST for KBS’ Shark‘ earlier today.

On May 27th, KBS revealed BoA’s new OST, “Between Heaven and Hell“, which is included in the drama’s first OST album. The song is a soft ballad produced by Kim Hyung Seok and will be the drama’s main theme song.

‘Shark’ is about a man who leaves the love of his life to exact revenge on those who have wronged him, starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil. The drama premieres today on KBS.

f(x)’s Luna & Amber are ‘Amazing f(x)’ with acoustic version of “NU ABO”

Premiere of their upcoming reality show ‘Amazing f(x)‘, f(x) gave their devoted fans a preview of their trip to New Zealand through a special episode! 

Among the cool tidbits they showed, Krystal going skydiving and this “amazing” snippet of Luna and Amber singing an acoustic version of the group’s hit song “NU ABO”.

Amber shows off her guitar skills and the pair harmonize quite well. Those unfamiliar with Amber’s singing skills were quite shocked at how she and Luna matched perfectly in the song.

What do you think of their acoustic cover?

In case you have never heard the original, check it out below:

Thanks to everyone for the tip!

‘Book of the House of Gu’ adds a Lee Seung Gi OST to its stellar list of songs

After Suzy and The OneLee Seung Gi is the next in line to release a single for the ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ OST.

Last Words” was released as Part 6 of the drama’s OST on May 27th. Duble Sidekick and Lee Seung Gi himself co-produced the track. which is the theme song for Suzy and Lee Seung Gi’s characters.

EXO become flower boys for ‘CeCi’

The usually charismatic members channeled their softer side in the recent pictorial, and SM Entertainment gave fans a few previews of the flowery shoot.

As expected of global idols, EXO will be featured in CeCi China’s release on the 25th and CeCi Thailand on June 7.

Check out the previews below!






TVXQ is ready for summer with short PV for “Ocean


When TVXQ isn’t busy setting new records in Japan, they’re hard at work on their upcoming releases, one of which is their new single “Ocean”!

The single, which is scheduled for June 12th release, should get you ready the summer and the heat as the boys appropriately head to the beach!

“Ocean” will be released as two types: CD + DVD, and CD-Only. You have plenty of time to make up your mind about which one to get, so take a look at the short PV below first!


MC Yoo Jae Suk named the ‘Korean Ambassador of Kindness

Everyone’s favorite MC has another title to add to his list.

‘Nation’s MC’ Yoo Jae Suk has been named the most kind celebrity. The Visit Korea Committee ran a survey asking voters which star is most deserving of the label, ‘The Korean Ambassador of Kindness.’

After the tourism organization went through the results, Yoo Jae Suk was found to have earned 23.5% of 2,360 votes, grabbing 1st place. Poll takers listed reasons such as his humble attitude and general considerateness of others.

SM Entertainment idol group Super Junior managed to land 2nd place, while all-around entertainer Lee Seung Gi took 3rd. Psy and figure skater Kim Yuna also made the list.

Who else do you think deserves a spot on the list?


2PM releases sexy dance practice video for “All Day I Think of You” (“A.D.T.O.Y”)


2PM made a sexy comeback with title track, “All Day I Think of You” (“A.D.T.O.Y”), and have now released their dance practice video to go along with the track!

While alerting fans of the video, JYPE brought laughs as they humorously poked fun at the group’s choreography, writing, “Bad hands! Self-skinship! 2PM who captures our eyes with their performance~! We’re now revealing ‘A.D.T.O.Y’s dance practice footage!”

 HOTTESTs can now get a closer look at the choreography for the song as the boys seductively tell their fans that they’ve been thinking of them all day!


G-Dragon and Taeyang to be the ‘big bang’ in 2NE1’s CL solo debut MV

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang will show some YG Family love by featuring in their labelmate CL’s solo debut music video!

 Although fans were already jumping for joy after hearing news of 2NE1 CL’s solo, YG Entertainment gave them something else to be excited about after revealing, “G-Dragon and Taeyang featured in CL’s music video to show their support for CL, who is awaiting her first solo debut. This is CL’s first solo album, and as much as 2NE1 are also planning to make their comeback, she feels a lot of responsibility. G-Dragon and Taeyang’s help will be a big strength.

 CL will make her solo debut on the 28th ahead of 2NE1’s comeback later this year!


Girls’ Generation’s Jessica becomes a modern-day Goldilocks in Paris for ‘Vogue Girl’


Girls’ Generation’s Jessica made a trip to Paris for a romantic pictorial in ‘Vogue Girl’s latest issue.

Although Jessica has been warming fans’ hearts with her friendly smile in recent selcas, the idol star did a 180-degree transformation back into her ‘ice princess’ image for the photo shoot. Jessica is seen looking as chic as ever in her structured, colorful mini dresses that look just right for spring. Kissed by the sunlight, her curly, golden locks highlight her beauty; not that she needs it highlighted.

 Jessica will join her group on their upcoming ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls and Peace’ on June 8th and 9th at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium before heading on to other stops around the world. The girls will also release their new Japanese single “LOVE&GIRLS” on June 19th!




Girls’ Generation’s Yuri gives fans a peek at her ‘trident abs’ in a sporty pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan’

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, who is known for having ‘trident abs’, showed off the body she works hard to keep in a sporty pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan’.

 Fellow member Sooyoung previously praised Yuri’s dedication to working out, and Yuri continues to show her love of sports in this latest photo shoot.

Yuri doesn’t break a sweat as she gets ready to ride her bicycle, play tennis, and go for a jog. She’s definitely inspiring fans to shed those pounds for summer with her toned figure.

 Yuri is also taking on the role of a swimmer in the upcoming film ‘No Breathing’.

What do you think? Do her photos make you want to be more active?





EXO to drop ‘XOXO’ on June 3rd

Now that they’ve released a whole bunch of teaser photos to make up for the lack of official pictures during their hiatus, EXO is dropping details on their upcoming 1st full length album!

The group is making their return not at the end of May like fans suspected, but a few days later on June 3rd, which is when ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘ will be released!

The album will be made up of 10 tracks and both Korean and Chinese versions will be released simultaneously. You’ll not only be greeted with brand new tracks but familiar ones as well including “MAMA“, “My Lady“, and “Baby, Don’t Cry“.


A rep commented regarding the boys’ promotional activities, “For this album, EXO-K and EXO-M will be joining to become EXO to promote as they go back and forth between Korea and China. They’ll be approaching fans with music and performance that has become even more powerful.

SHINee to return with Jonghyun on this week’s ‘M! Countdown’!

SHINee’s Jonghyun gave fans the best gift they could ask for on the group’s upcoming anniversary by announcing his return to the stage!

 Jonghyun, who previously left fans all around the world worried following news of his accident, has fully recovered from his nose injury and will join his members on stage starting with ‘M! Countdown’ on the 23rd! Jonghyun made it just in time as the group will be holding their farewell stages this week.

 He will also be present to meet with fans for ‘SHINee Debut 5th Anniversary Special Party! ☆ SHINee DAY’ on May 25th!

 So Shawols, go ahead and do your happy dance to “Replay” as you await SHINee’s return as five!]

cr :

EXO’s Teaser Images











Kai (EXO-K)


Suho (EXO-K)




Sehun (EXO-K)


Baekhyun (EXO-K)


Kris (EXO-M)


Chanyeol (EXO-K)


Chen (EXO-M)


Luhan (EXO-M)


Xiumin (EXO-M)


Tao (EXO-M)


#EXO’s first album ‘#XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ containing 10 tracks will be released on June 3rd! Stay Tuned! – @SMTOWNGLOBAL via Twitter

Source: /

2PM’s ‘GROWN’ rises to #1 on Hanteo and Tower Records Daily Charts

Fans have all ‘come back’ after hearing the songs from 2PM‘s new album ‘GROWN‘ and the ‘beastly idols’ grabbed the #1 spot on Korea’s Hanteo charts and Japan’s Tower Records charts at the same time!

After replacing themselves as #1 on Japan’s Tower records’ pre-order chart, 2PM topped Tower Records’ daily chart on the 17th. Their success didn’t stop there as the group also made sure to bring it in Korea as they rose to #1 on Hanteo’s real-time chart on the 18th and Hanteo’s daily chart on the 19th. According to JYP Entertainment, 2PM also topped the iTunes‘ real-time album charts in six countries upon release.

2PM shared, “In the middle of their comeback in Korea, we are happy and thankful to hear such good news. We give our message of thanks to the fans who always show their love and support for us. We will return your love with awesome stages and more promotional activities. Thank you.”

2PM are currently kicking off their comeback stages for their double title tracks “Come Back When You Hear This Song” and “All Day I Think of You” (“A.D.T.O.Y.“).

Congrats, 2PM!

Leessang’s Gary and Gil transform into tourists?

Although currently two of South Korea’s most-recognized men, that didn’t help Leessang’s Gary andGil when they tried to get tickets for the train!

Scrunched up into a corner, Gil lamented their position on Twitter earlier today. “Many people went on vacation today…going back to Seoul after a Daegu concert…all the seats were sold out” he said. “The photo shows two of Korea’s self-named top celebrities…and their real life.”

Spread out in the aisle barefoot, Gil’s trademark charisma is nowhere to be found, while Gary tries to hide in the corner with a straw fedora and a cup of coffee. For some reason, this image of Gary seems more familiar to us!

UEE and Kim Hyun Joong parody ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ on ‘Barefoot Friends’

The resident actor and actress on SBS’s ‘Barefoot Friends’ stepped into impromptu roles in a parody of ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ on the latest episode.

Traveling to Indonesia, the newest broadcast found the cast and crew given the mission, once again, to survive for 24 hours in the foreign country based on only what they could provide for themselves as a normal, everyday person.

Egged on by Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Jong ShinUEE and Kim Hyun Joong ended up working together – providing the small screen with a beauty ratio that was simply out of this world.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity, Kang Ho Dong told them, “The two of you look like a painting. We’ll get out of the way” – secretly letting them do all the work.

Motivations aside, UEE and Kim Hyun Joong soon found themselves engrossed in the job at hand, segueing into a parody of the SBS drama, ‘Work Blows in Winter’.

“I have a lot of money, but I came here to help oppa,” UEE told him. “If you have a lot of money, give me some. Please stop this,” Kim Hyun Joong replied in a drama tone.


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