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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny joins Yuri, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon on Instagram!

Following the lead of her members YuriTaeyeon, and HyoyeonGirls’ Generation‘s Sunny has also started an Instagram account!


For her first post, the idol wrote, Hi?!..It’s Me*^^* Hiiiiiiiii first post!!!”, along with a beautiful snapshot of herself with her trademark aegyo.


The account was verified to be indeed Sunny’s when Taeyeon followed her account. Make sure to check out and follow Sunny’s Instagram here!


Who do you think will be the next member to join Instagram?


Girls’ Generation’s Sunny opens up shop on Twitter!


In a development which made many K-Pop fans pinch their cheeks to see if they were dreaming, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny has opened up a Twitter account at@Sunnyday515

This stunning turn of events comes on the heels of her fledgling Instagram account. Could this be a prelude to greater social network activities from the other members to come? We can only hope.

We hereby motion that today officially be designated as ‘Sunny Day’. Go and say hello!

Girls’ Generation lead a flash mob with 4.000 fans in Japan


Girls’ Generation held a massive flash mob with fans in Japan!

On June 19, they came together with 4,000 fans to promote their new song “Love & Girls“. The flash mob featured the ‘shampoo dance’ and took place at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. The flash mob was promoted online and it resulted in a massive turnout.

And it wasn’t just the fans doing the dance – the dance was so addictive that even the guides and security guards participated. Sooyoung said, “We were worried  because this was our first flash mob. We felt good because we succeeded with the fans. We’re so happy to see everyone happy as we danced together.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Brad Pitt take a photo during their interview for ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany recently interviewed Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for the June 12th episode of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, and a snapshot of the two has now been revealed!

Tiffany went to the promotional event for the film ‘World War Z‘, where she interviewed the internationally known star during his visit to Korea. The US native is known for being one of the Girls’ Generation members most fluent in English.

As Brad Pitt wanted to get to know Korea, they held the interview at the main hall of Gyeokbok Palace. He’s currently touring the world to promote ‘World War Z’, which opens in theaters on June 21.

Girls’ Generation kick off their world tour in Seoul

Girls’ Generation kicked off their world tour in dramatic style over the weekend at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

The ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace‘ is their first world tour, and leader Taeyeon was quite proud to hold a world tour as she stated, “Every time we had a concert, we always said we wanted a world tour. We’re honored to finally perform under the title of a world tour.

The girls performed all of their numerous hits, including, “Gee“, “Genie“, “I Got A Boy“, as well as their Japanese hits such as “Paparazzi“, “Flower Power“, and even “Love & Girls“, as Taeyeon had promised.

 The girls showed off a variety of forms and concepts, from cute to sexy and innocent to mature all at once. They were cute little sisters with a pure white one piece for one performance and then they would immediately transform to the sexynoona next door in red dresses showcasing their beautiful legs.

Many fans packed the Olympic Gymnasium for two nights to support the girls throughout the concert. The fans became the loudest when the girls shouted, “Right now is Girls’ Generation. It’ll be Girls’ Generation in the future, and forever!

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica becomes a modern-day Goldilocks in Paris for ‘Vogue Girl’


Girls’ Generation’s Jessica made a trip to Paris for a romantic pictorial in ‘Vogue Girl’s latest issue.

Although Jessica has been warming fans’ hearts with her friendly smile in recent selcas, the idol star did a 180-degree transformation back into her ‘ice princess’ image for the photo shoot. Jessica is seen looking as chic as ever in her structured, colorful mini dresses that look just right for spring. Kissed by the sunlight, her curly, golden locks highlight her beauty; not that she needs it highlighted.

 Jessica will join her group on their upcoming ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls and Peace’ on June 8th and 9th at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium before heading on to other stops around the world. The girls will also release their new Japanese single “LOVE&GIRLS” on June 19th!




Girls’ Generation’s Yuri gives fans a peek at her ‘trident abs’ in a sporty pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan’

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, who is known for having ‘trident abs’, showed off the body she works hard to keep in a sporty pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan’.

 Fellow member Sooyoung previously praised Yuri’s dedication to working out, and Yuri continues to show her love of sports in this latest photo shoot.

Yuri doesn’t break a sweat as she gets ready to ride her bicycle, play tennis, and go for a jog. She’s definitely inspiring fans to shed those pounds for summer with her toned figure.

 Yuri is also taking on the role of a swimmer in the upcoming film ‘No Breathing’.

What do you think? Do her photos make you want to be more active?





How does Girls’ Generation’s YoonA maintain her ant waist?

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA made fans jealous by revealing she is one of those lucky girls who naturally have an ant waist.

On the May 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyunf(x)‘sSulli, and YoonA were interviewed on the set of their ‘SKT LTE‘ CF.

When complimented on her ‘ant waist’, YoonA shared, “I don’t do anything special to maintain my waistline.” The reporter asked, “How can you have such a waistline if you don’t do anything to maintain it?”, to which YoonA wittily replied, “How can an ‘ant waist’ be so big? I don’t have an ‘ant waist’.”

The reporter also talked about YoonA’ sexy exposure of her abs during the ‘Dream Concert‘ and asked, “Are you in charge of the sexy image in Girls’ Generation now?”, YoonA answered, “No. Was that even sexy?” But when YoonA was asked who has the best figure out of the three of them, she also laughed as she picked her own photo.

Jay Park, Girls’ Generation, and more attend Jaden Smith’s ‘MSFTSrep’ and ‘General Idea’s pop-up store event

Jaden Smith‘s street fashion brand ‘MSFTSrep‘ and Korean designer Choi Bum Suk‘s ‘General Idea‘ collaborated for a pop-up store event in Apgujeong, Seoul on the 8th.

Through this first collaboration, consumers were able to get their hands on ‘MSFTSrep’s 2013 S/S collection as well as ‘General Idea’ and ‘MSFTSrep’ limited collaboration t-shirts.

To commemorate the occasion and show their support, Jaden Smith’s father Will Smith, Jay Park, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Hyoyeon, Busker Busker‘s Brad, and more made appearances at the event.

Check out some of the photos below!

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany returns home to Los Angeles

SONEs in Los Angeles might have to turn on their Girls’ Generation radar because Tiffany has arrived in LA!

Tiffany updated SONEs on Girls’ Generation’s official SMTOWN page where she wrote, “home sweet home ♥ I’ll go back home for a little bit and come back (; ps. GO DODGERS !! ke”, and shared a selca of her returning to her hometown. As many of you know, Tiffany grew up in nearby Diamond Bar, California and many of her family members still live in the greater Los Angeles area.

If you’re near Los Angeles, Tiffany will be throwing the ceremonial first pitch for the LA Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on May 6. The game begins at 7:10PM PST local time, so you should be in your seats by 7:00PM if you want to see Tiffany throw out the first pitch!

Welcome home, Tiffany!

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon to return to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for a special stage

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon will return to ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ for a special performance.

She’ll be joining hands with her former ‘Dancing With the Stars 2′ partner Kim Kang San and perform one of Michael Jackson‘s hit songs as well as her flawless dance moves to the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, and more.

A representative revealed, “Hyoyeon, who will be standing on the [‘Dancing With the Stars’] stage for the first time in a long time, will showcase her unfailing dance sports skills. Please look forward to her transformation with the new dance, music, and costume.”

Stay tuned for Hyoyeon’s special stage on the 3rd at 10 PM KST!

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany to throw ceremonial first pitch for Los Angeles Dodgers

Many K-pop stars throw the first pitch for baseball games in the Korean Professional Baseball league, but Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany is one of the rare idols to throw the first pitch at a Major League baseball game in the United States.

She’ll be standing on the mound at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Monday, May 6 to throw the ceremonial opening pitch for the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Tiffany will be joining top celebrities such as Victoria BeckhamSharon Stone,Harrison Ford, and Matthew McConaughey, who have also thrown the opening pitch at the stadium.

Star Korean pitcher for the Dodgers Ryu Hyun Jin has always been a fan of Girls’ Generation, and he’ll be on the field to serve as the catcher for Tiffany’s opening throw.

Girls’ Generation has also announced Tiffany’s first pitch through Twitter, writing,


As many of you know, Tiffany grew up in nearby Diamond Bar, California and many of her family members still live in the greater Los Angeles area. Fans in LA, will you be going to the game?

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Is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon in a relationship?

There’s rumors floating around the web that Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon is in a relationship.

As many of you know, the Girls’ Generation members had a well deserved time off after the conclusion of their Japanese concert tour and the members vacationed in various countries including Taeyeon andJessica in Europe.



Last week, Hyoyeon was spotted by media outlet Apple Daily in Hong Kong walking the streets withTyler Kwon (CEO of Coridel Group and boyfriend of famous Hong Kong singer/actress Gillian Chung) and Jay Joonhyung Kim (Korean Socialite and Author). Shortly after this video was posted online, a thread stating that Hyoyeon could be potentially dating Jay Joonhyung Kim was posted on Korean portal site Bestiz.

Jay Joonhyung Kim then traveled to Thailand and coincidentally Hyoyeon also went to Thailand as well, he also took to his personal Instagram account to post a photo with friends that included Hyoyeon.

The photo is innocent enough as it is with a group of friends and when the rumors he was dating Hyoyeon popped up, Jay quickly denied it and stated that Hyoyeon was like a little sister to him.

End of Story? Well, not quite.

Earlier today, a Thai model and actress named Niranath Victoria Coates posted a photo onto her Instagram with a couple of friends that included Hyoyeon. When a user under the handle iamme989asked Niranath, “Woww is that a girl from GG?” She replied, “@iamme989 yeh she’s dating a friend of mine“.

Did Niranath let the proverbial cat out of the bag? It appears so. Although there’s no confirmation that Hyoyeon is dating Jay Joonhyung Kim, the evidence seems to head in that direction.

What do you think? Is Hyoyeon in a relationship?

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Taeyeon shares a warm photo with her mother

Taeyeon shared a heartwarming photo with her mother!

She uploaded the above photo onto her Instagram and wrote, “It’s been a very, very long time since my mother did my hair“.

In the photo, her mother was gently braiding Taeyeon’s hair, and Taeyeon managed to get a photo of their reflection in the mirror.

It was a rare opportunity for Taeyeon’s mother to help with her daughters hair since that’s usually left for the stylists of Girls’ Generation or Taeyeon herself.

Fans who saw the heartwarming photo wrote, “It’s awesome that you have a caring mom“, “So sweet“, and “Your mom is beautiful“.

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Girls’ Generation Sets New Record with Japanese Tour

Girls’ Generation Sets New Record with Japanese Tour

Girls’ Generation has recently completed their second arena tour in Japan and according to SM Entertainment, the team has set a new record for a Korean girl group in Japan, reaching a total of 200,000 fans through this single tour.

Girls’ Generation II- Girls & Peace- Japan 2nd Tour” began February 9 in Kobe and finished April 21 in Osaka. The group visited seven cities and held 20 concerts during the tour. On the last day, Girls’ Generation sang a total of 27 songs, including their latest Korean single, “I Got a Boy,” and their Japanese single, “Flower Power.”

Girls’ Generation will be releasing a new Japanese single titled “Love & Girls” on May 29.

source : soompi

The Jung sisters (Krystal and Jessica) can’t deny that they look alike

The lovable Jung sisters (Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal) are back again, and this time, they have come forward as doppelgangers!

Krystal shared on her Instagram, “Can’t deny we look alike :P,” along with a selca of her and her older sister giving the same puppy face to the camera. They dressed alike as well in cream-colored chiffon dresses. Krystal also showed love for her sister on National Siblings Day, leaving fans smiling at their sisterly bond.

Fans agreed with Krystal and shared, “I can’t decide who’s prettier between them,” and “Their parents must be so proud.”

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K-League Interviews Taeyeon for Official Guidebook, ’2013 Beautiful K-League’


In the 2013 K-League (editor’s note: South Korean football league) official guidebook, Taeyeon was voted as the ideal type of K-League. Out of 755 players who voted, 540 voted for Taeyeon as their ideal type, naming her “Miss K-League”. Kim Taehee and Kim Sarang took second and third place in the poll, respectively. The official guidebook, titled “2013 Beautiful K-League”, also included an interview with Taeyeon.

The Woman K-League Loved, Taeyeon

We asked the somewhat cheeky question of “Who is your ideal type?” to players who will be playing in the 2013 K-League Classic and K-League Challenge. While married players didn’t answer with their wives in mind, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, who received enthusiastic support from unmarried players, beat actresses Kim Taehee, Kim Sarang, as well as another girl group member, miss A’s Suzy, and became “Miss K-League”. We had to hear from Taeyeon, who received a generous amount of love from the K-Leaguers.

Beautiful K-League: Passing prominent candidates, Kim Taehee, Suzy, and Kim Sarang, you have become the number one ideal type amongst K-League Classic and Challenge players. How do you feel?
Taeyeon: I can’t believe it. (laugh) But I feel really good. Thank you.

Beautiful K-League: Are you, by any chance, used to soccer players’ affections? Why do you think Beautiful K-Leaguers chose you as their ideal type? I want to hear your honest, inner thoughts.
Taeyeon: I’m not sure. I’m really not. I’m starting to wonder what that reason is too.

Beautiful K-League: Most of the players who chose you as their ideal type were born in the later years of the 1980′s. Looking at just those results, rather than ‘samchon (translator’s note: uncle)fans’, it seems the fan composition has changed to ‘friend fans’ or ‘dongsaeng (translator’s note: younger) fans’. Is that how it really is?
Taeyeon: I think the type of people who like Girls’ Generation is always diverse. If we gain fans who are good at sports, I think it would be very nice.

Beautiful K-League: In 2008, there were performances at various soccer matches, from a Korea-Japan all star match, to a Manchester United visitors match, to a Peace Queen Cup. Is there a difference between concerts and other events?
Taeyeon: I always perform at concerts happily, but there has been a moment where I worried about the soccer field grass being damaged.

Beautiful K-League: If you were to choose an ideal type amongst soccer players, who would it be?
Taeyeon: When I see players sweat on the grounds, they all look hard-working and cool, so it’s hard to pick just one person.

Beautiful K-League: Which Girls’ Generation member has the most interest in soccer?
Taeyeon: All my members are active, so I think they all like soccer. Personally, I sometimes play Winning 11 (translator’s note: football game). (laugh) I like soccer!

Beautiful K-League: K-League has been met with its 30th anniversary. Could you give the players and fans a line of encouragement?
Taeyeon: I think it’s most appealing seeing you focus and sweat during each match. I will continue to look forward to great matches. And please love Girls’ Generation lots!

[HOT] Special stage, TTS – Goodbye, Hello 태티서 – 안녕 20130413


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